Social Media Prospects

More Prospects

Discover new prospects, and reactivate existing prospects, through social media.

Social Media Lead Scoring

Better Leads

Improve lead scoring, and share prospect data seamlessly between sales and marketing.

Social Media Relationship Managment

Stronger Relationships

Drive customer and prospect conversations that are relevant, informed, and timely.

Driven by our complete Social Media Marketing Solution, integrated with your Marketing Automation system.

Argyle's advanced social publishing, campaign reports and conversion tracking help us drive fresh content and discover the landing page traffic and lead form conversions driven by social.
See how Argyle can help you Nolin LeChasseur, Partner @ Brainrider

Argyle Social integrates social media into your customer acquisition and revenue cycle.

  • Discover new prospects from your current social conversations
  • Identify current prospect social interactions with your brand
  • Enhance lead scoring utilize social actions
  • Improve targeted marketing campaigns with social data