Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group published a brilliantly insightful report about the career progression, job hazards, and performance goals of the corporate social media strategist – an emerging role charged with steering an organization’s social media ship.

We’ve embedded the full report below.  Here’s our summary of the key points, along with a quick thought or two for each:

  • Businesses are putting people in charge of social.  (Good for all of us!  Social is strategic, not experimental)
  • The people in charge of social are overwhelmed.  (Good for Argyle!  Problems to solve!)
  • Depending on their ability to perform – the role evolves into a “proactive” strategic marketing role…or “reactive” help desk role.  (We want to help drive the former at Argyle…the latter is a no man’s land and ripe for product commoditization.)
  • Enterprise social budgets are sizable.  (Not as big as I would have thought…but a good precedent for SMBs going forward.  How do these budgets break down?)
  • 66% of participants rely on engagement metrics (followers, likes, etc.) as a primary measurement strategy.  (A little surpised that the “cream of the crop” is still making decisions using such flaky metrics.  But not *that* surprised – marketers *are* pretty lazy sometimes. ^-^)
  • Only 22% of participants can attribute a change in revenue to social.  (Not surprised.  Most participants are brand marketers, so revenue attribution is tough regardless of channel.  Would be interested to know the strategies their taking to link social to revenue.)
  • 48% have made measurement a top priority for 2011.  (Should be an interesting year for us!)

Report: Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist

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