How would you feel if you talked for 16 hours straight, standing up, two days in a row?

Well, that’s about how Adam and Eric felt after the Internet Summit 2010 and why it took a few days for them recover and write about it.

First, Eric participated in the pre-conference intensive, where he gave a talk called “What Social Media Tools Do You Need?”  Then the guys proceeded to meet, talk, shake hands with, share business cards with, exchange war stories with and give demonstrations to what seemed like hundreds over the course of the two day event.

The Argyle Social booth was right by the front door of the Demo Showcase room, so we were first stop for many folks.  (Props to Alan and Addy from MailVU for splitting the booth power costs.  Leave it to the entrepreneurs to figure out a way costs by sticking it to the Raleigh Convention Center.)

Of all the Demo Showcase presentations, an Argyle favorite was Doug Kaufman’s from Spring Metrics. In 30 short seconds, he compared Google Analytics to the Matrix and promised to revolutionize online marketing analytics. How cool is that?

To top it all off, there was the TIMA After Party. With barbeque and beer. And fire dancers. Now do you understand why there was a blog delay?

Fire. Dancers.

Were you there? Tell us your favorite moments.

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