Just in case you missed it, eMail Radio, a podcast series that focuses on email marketing, featured an episode dedicated to social media. And who better to talk social media than Jay Baer from Convince & Convert and DJ Waldow, Director of Community from Blue Sky Factory (and an Argyle customer).

It was fun to hear the actual voices of Jay and DJ, as familiar as we are with their smiling avatars. More so, it was very cool to hear what they had to say. Some highlights of the conversation:

  • Jay discussed how he sets up goals and his sales funnel through his various communications.
  • DJ talked about how Blue Sky Factory is revamping their communication stream.
  • “There is a right way and a wrong way to ask people to Follow, Friend or Fan you.”
  • At one point, a gigantic dog burst in and attacked DJ. (Well, not really, but it sure sounded that way.)
  • Jay felt that an email opt-in is more valuable than an Follower or a Like and therefore social media should enforce the email channel, and not vice versa. Hmmmm…..intriguing.

The conversation does last over an hour, but you can listen while you do other stuff. Like work. Or tweet about it.

What were your favorite talking points? Use the comments!

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