The Argyle team was pleased to host Tom Webster, VP of Marketing and Strategy at Edison Research, for a lunchtime chat yesterday. And in the hour he spent talking to us about social media and research, he taught me more than an entire class on public relations research at UNC did.

He explained how important it is to look at research in context. A pile of numbers doesn’t mean much if you don’t dig deeper into questions of how and why. And just because two patterns are correlated doesn’t mean one causes the other; we should always look for a third reason that causes them both.

He also talked about the gap between people on social media and those “who just don’t get it.” There isn’t a “right” and “wrong” view social media; it simply holds value for some people and not for others. A lack of interest in social media is not a disease that we, as ambassadors for the noble cause of social media, need to cure. But I can’t say it better than he already has on his blog,

Big thanks to Tom for coming to hang out with us! Photo of Tom with Argylers below.


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