If you follow Argyle on Twitter, you’ve learned that we’re hiring. Besides our general awesomeness, here are a few reasons – in no particular order – to consider applying to join our team:

  1. Downtown Durham. Argyle HQ is located on Main Street Durham in the Snow Building – a beautiful art deco building from the 1930s. And all of the Downtown Durham goodness is right outside our door – food, drinks, events, vibe, and plenty of fellow Durham start-ups.
  2. Momentum. Our market – social media management – is growing like crazy. So it turns out that our business is also growing like crazy…and, of course, we’re working our hearts out to grow even more crazily. This makes the day-to-day at Argyle awfully exciting!
  3. Non-Vacation Policy. Work when you want to, vacation when you need to. Seriously – we don’t care about the number of vacation/personal/sick days you use, just let us know when you’ll be away. We trust you to get things done (quickly!) according to your best judgement.
  4. Teammates. We’re building a monster team. Your colleagues at Argyle will push you to work harder and smarter than you ever have. And they’ll also dazzle you with their personalities, genuine friendship, and hilarious lunchtime banter.
  5. Impact. We’re looking for clutch players that can deliver under pressure. The next employees that join the team will be #8, #9, and #10. So your day-to-day contributions at Argyle will be obvious, celebrated, and critical, as opposed to the usual invisible, ignored, and meaningless at most larger organizations.
  6. Ambition. We’re not building a nice little small business in Durham – we’re building an iconic marketing software company. We’re taking Argyle to the moon and we’re passionate (and crazy!) enough to believe that we can get there.
  7. Customer focus. We’re not a science project start-up. We’re building a product that makes social media marketing less painful and more profitable for our customers. We LOVE our customers, solicit their feedback, and celebrate their successes.
  8. Junk food. Argyle provides all of the granola bars, Coke Zeroes, mango gummies, candy canes, and Starbursts that you can stomach. Note, however, that gummies are for closers and that all job applicants must love candy canes.
  9. Inside jokes. See #8.
  10. Transparency. We’re an honest, pragmatic company. No politics, no bureaucracy, no non-sense, no hidden agendas.
  11. Because Argyle goes to 11.

You’ll find current Argyle Social job openings here. And feel free to send any career-related questions to jobs@argylesocial.com.

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