We’re excited to show a first preview of Argyle Social’s forthcoming Rules & Notifications features.

Some background

We think that most social media engagement tools suck, especially for marketers. Big piles of undifferentiated content, manual workflow, and lots of tedium. And because there aren’t very many differentiated options on the market, most marketers don’t realize that they’re using a Microsoft Outlook 98 equivalent to interact with their customers on social channels.

If you’ve done a demo with an Argyle rep in the past couple months, you’ve probably heard us use the phrase “Argyle is like Gmail for social media”. This is an ambitious statement for sure, but it reflects our belief that there is a better way to help social media marketers do their job. And our belief that we’re building the “better” way.

We’ve made a lot of progress simplifying the social engagement process – our the Engage tab in Argyle is built like an email inbox, focused on simplicity and usability, and optimized so that nothing falls through the cracks. But we have a *MUCH* bigger vision for the possibilities.

What are Rules?

Rules prioritize your social inbox. Instead of a pile of undifferentiated mentions, comments, and tweets in your inbox, Rules will automatically delineate, prioritize, and organize posts according to the filters that you set up.

The first iteration of the feature will be fairly simplistic. Argyle will look certain keywords in your inbox items per the rules that you’ve defined. If it finds an inbox item that matches a rule, it will automatically flag the matching posts and – if you like – send you an email with some details. (The “sending an email” part is the forthcoming Notifications feature.)

For example, you might create a rule that looks for:

  • …profanity to escalate and delete offensive comments from your Facebook page.
  • …”help, support, question” to get an email every time someone asks for help on Twitter.
  • …#hashtag to collect entries via email for your #hashtag contest on Twitter.

Think of Rules as an if/then statement for your social inbox – if post (blank), then Argyle should (blank). In future iterations, this feature will… (Just use your imagination for now – our competitors read this blog!)

What are Notifications?

Notifications is a new feature that tells you that something has happened.

In the first iteration of the feature, Argyle will send you an email when an inbox item matches one of your Rules. We can ping you immediately when something matches a rule or we can send you a digest of things that match a rule.

We think that this is a big improvement over the current “all or nothing” notification frameworks. For example, Facebook sends you an email every time someone posts on your Page – that’s great! That is unless you have 100s of comments to every single wall post. Some tools will send you an email every time someone mentions you on Twitter – that’s great! That is unless you have 1000s of followers and most of the mentions are entirely ignore-able.

Argyle will send you email notifications based on the rules and schedule that you choose. Much more business-friendly!

See below for an example email from some testing earlier this week:

Click the image for a closer look.

We’re pumped about the feature and look forward to launching the first version very soon. We look forward to your feedback and look forward to building Rules & Notifications into super-useful features!

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