Our development team worked hard this weekend to roll out several new Argyle features, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! Look for these new features in Argyle:

LinkedIn Integration. We’re excited to expand to other social platforms. You can now publish status updates and links to your LinkedIn profile through Argyle! (In other news, YouTube integration is in our sites as well — look for that next!)

Goals Report. Our Goals reporting received a face lift, so now you’ll get a more complete picture of your Goals data. View data surrounding each goal in terms of the individual posts, social properties, URLs or campaigns associated with it.

Email Rules and Notifications. Keep up with the chatter about your organization! You can set up email alerts so you’re notified when someone mentions your brand. Set emails to come immediately after an interaction or a daily aggregate of all interactions. You can also create rules for your alerts – think of them as filters so you don’t get overloaded with emails. You can receive only the posts you designate as most important.

Reply-to Flag. This change in the Engage tab will flag posts once you’ve replied to them. No more wondering if someone else responded. No more double-checking to make sure you replied. You’ll know automatically if it has already been taken care of.

We’re excited about these new features, and there are lots more to come. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Let us know what you think!

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