One of our Q2 product goals at Argyle was making the “Golden Three” a part of all of our reports. I say “was” because we launched The Golden Three release last night.

The Golden Three is something that I’ve been yammering about for the past few months – it represents the three most important metrics (in our opinion) for real-time marketing posts: Interactions, Clicks, and Conversions. This simple, standardized set of metrics simplifies the measurement process for social media marketers.

Each of the Golden Three metrics is indicative in a unique way:

Interactions: the number of replies, retweets, comments, likes, etc. for your content.

Have your followers/fans spread your message? Have they responded to your content with additional commentary? Is your content engaging?

Clicks: the number of clicks on the link…if your content contained a link.

Is you content (or call-to-action) compelling? Are you driving traffic to the intended destination – your site or otherwise? Are their correlations between interactions and clicks?

Conversion Value: the value created by the visitors that clicked the link in the content.

Does the traffic you refer to your site convert – purchases, leads, free trials, pageviews, etc.? Do certain characteristics (call-to-action, time of day, content type, social property, etc.) correlate to more conversions? Are your social media marketing efforts creating bottom-line results?

A standard set of metrics like this makes it easier for social media marketers to measure their impact, to track the ebb and flow of their impact, and – ultimately – optimize their impact. (As an analogy, you can think of these metrics as you would the open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate for an email marketing newsletter.)

Every report in Argyle now includes data through the lens of the Golden Three. Here are a few action shots:

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