We released a new publishing interface this weekend. Lots of details and screenshots below – big ups to Josh for masterminding the enhancements!

Tighter Publishing Workflow

We consolidated the publishing function around content types (status updates, photos, links) instead of social networks. This allows for more flexibility when you’re publishing and also paves the way for more publishing functionality down the road. (Wink, wink!)

All of the same functionality is there, just rearranged a bit. Take a peek at a screenshot by clicking the thumbnails below:

Facebook Photo Publishing

You asked, we delivered. You can now publish photos to Facebook via Argyle.

Photo posts have the same scheduling and approval workflow features as links and status updates, so you can weave photos into your publishing process no problem. Upload your photo, add a caption, add a link if you like and we’ll zip it over to Facebook according to your schedule.

Because you’re probably already wondering about it – we don’t support photo posts to Twitter just yet. Twitter is still rolling out the functionality and has not released a developer API just yet. We’ll publish photos to Twitter as soon as Twitter makes it possible!

Quick Post

The publishing process in Argyle is a bit weighty to allow for campaigns, multiple versions, etc. But sometimes you just want to send a quick tweet, right?

Enter Quick Post: a new posting mechanism that you can access from the Engage tab or the “New” button in the top navigation. Quick Post pops up in a separate window so that you can quickly and easily publish content from anywhere in the Argyle application.

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