Several of our start-up friends in Raleigh/Durham NC conspired to make today “NC IDEA and IDEA Fund Partners Appreciation Day”. Both organizations have played a key roles in the Argyle Social story to date, so we’re very happy to join the chorus.

Argyle is one of a handful of companies that received a grant from NC IDEA and then an equity investment from IDEA Fund Partners. Both the grant and the seed financing closed during the very early days of our company – back when Adam and I weren’t exactly sure what we were building…or how we would build it.

During these fluid early days, it is important that young companies find partners that believe in the vision and that also have the smarts and experience to help keep the company on track and accountable. The NC IDEA / IDEA Fund guys have been just that and more for Argyle.

We would not have made it this far without the support, guidance, grilling, etc. we’ve received from David, John, and Lister. And we certainly won’t achieve our very ambitious goals without them. Thanks for your support, guys.

If you’re building a start-up in North Carolina, then applying for an NC IDEA grant should be on your near-term to-do list.

Here are “thank you” posts from other NC-based start-ups that have received funding from NC IDEA and/or IDEA Fund Partners:

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