At Argyle, we believe that company culture is the only long-term sustainable competitive advantage. Because we believe this so deeply, I spend quite a bit of time carefully considering the team we’re buliding and culture we’re curating – and how both affect our performance.

As a part of this process, I read Netflix CEO Reed Hastings “Freedom & Responsibility Culture” slides every couple months – it is an absolutely brilliant treatise on organizational behavior and very much the inspiration behind the culture we’re developing at Argyle.

One of the fundamental theses of the document is that a company shows its values by who gets hired, rewarded, and let go. Company values are the behaviors and skills that the company values in its employees. In other words – values are what the company values.

Seems simple enough, but consider this statement in the context of the typical company values that first come to mind – values like “Integrity, Communication, Respect, Excellence”. These values are admirable, but have a broad meaning and aren’t always easily assessed. (Enron had these exact values emblazoned in its lobby, by the way.)

With this in mind, Adam & I have spent lots of time contemplating the skills, traits, and values that are most important to us at Argyle. They’re very much a reflection who we are and who we will be. If we consistently hire and reward people that embody these values, we believe that we’ll win and win big.

If these values remind you of yourself, give us a shout – we’d love to meet you. :)


You are a rabid wolverine – hungry, tenacious, relentless, fearless. Your work at Argyle is much more important than a “job”. You care deeply about Argyle’s success and our customers’ success. You have strong opinions about your work.


You get important stuff done. Lots of it, very quickly. You have a tendency to “just do it” – not to analyze to the point of indecisiveness. You don’t just execute the playbook, you help write and re-write the plays.


You’re completely honest in all of your dealings. You’re candid, direct, non-political with your colleagues. You’re quick to own up to mistakes. You’re quick to apologize.


You understand how your words, your role, & your strengths/weaknesses impact the team. You know that you can always get better at your job and you work hard to do so. You’re incredibly confident…but not over confident.


You’re quick to empathize, slow to criticize. You do what you say you’re going to do. You respect people regardless of status. You find reasons to be grateful and generous. Goodness begets goodness. You enjoy your work and you help others do the same.

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