We’ve really done it this time.

Let us introduce you to our new and improved Engage tab. We call it Waterfall. It’s a multi-column tool (à la TweetDeck), but optimized for business use. Highlights include: follow and unfollow people, pop-up alerts, easily view rich posts and track links and campaigns in each of your responses. All in the same easy-to-use Argyle interface you already love.

Will you continue to use multiple social media tools to manage your social presence? Not if we have anything to say about it.

Multi-Column Layout

The new multi-column layout allows you to interact with followers who are engaging with you, listen in on conversations relevant to your brand and pull in your Twitter lists for more monitoring power.

Facebook Searches

Keep up with what people are saying about your brand by searching public profiles. Save your search in a column so you can always be sure to see what’s being talked about.

In-Context Post Metrics

We’ve made it easy to see how each post is contributing to your social media goals. Simply click on the post and you will see the clicks, conversions and value from that post – right in the Engage tab!

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