Sometimes community managers feel like the captain of a ship in a storm—all by themselves at the tiller as the waves roll over the bow. Our new feature, Post Assignment, changes all that.

Post Assignment allows you to integrate your social media strategy across departments. With it, you can loop in teammates, say on the customer service or product design teams, so that your responses are quick, helpful, and meaningful.

Assign Posts

You simply choose the post you want to assign from your waterfall dashboard to notify anyone in your account that a post needs their attention.

Steer the Conversation

Once you’ve assigned the post, you can add a message to explain what action is required.

Track Assignments

That teammate can then hop back into the application and track which messages have been assigned, reassign the post to another user, and view the history of the post.

Community managers shouldn’t go it alone! Connect your efforts seamlessly to the rest of your organization with Post Assignment.

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