Yesterday marked Argyle’s 2nd birthday and before our celebration, I asked our Founders, Adam and Eric, to reflect on the past year.

How is Argyle different at year 2 as compared to year 1?

Eric: There are a thousand differences. The contrast between our 1st and 2nd birthday reflects a few of them:

Our 1st birthday was full of uncertainty. We had raised a $325k seed round a couple months prior and Mike and Josh just joined the team. We were in the midst of a massive product cycle and we weren’t sure if we’d be able pull it off. We had very few customers and we were very worried about our ability to deliver on the pitch we made to our investors. Everyone was stressed to the breaking point, so our 1st birthday party kinda sucked.

Our 2nd birthday is much less stressful! We’ve got a great product, hundreds of happy customers, an amazing team, and plenty of cash in the bank. I’m still stressed to the breaking point, but I’ll probably manage to have a good time tonight!

Adam: Yeah, we’re definitely more focused and that’s a huge win. Focus lets us work harder, faster, and smarter and cut out a lot of extra crap that we just don’t need.

What’s been your biggest win in the past year?

Eric: Recruiting and it isn’t event close. We’ve grown our team from 4 full-time in Dec 2010 to 20 full-time in Dec 2011. There is no way we would have gotten as far as we have – and certainly no way we’ll get where we’re going – without the efforts of our passionate, productive team. I’m inspired every day by the talented people that I get to work with.

Adam: It’s not easy to grow a team and especially not as quickly as we have. Having the right people on the team is crucial to us moving forward.

Where will Argyle be 2 years from today?

Eric: We’ll be in Downtown Durham executing our purpose: building powerful, beautiful products that empower online marketers to drive meaningful outcomes for their organizations. But we’ll be doing it bigger, faster, stronger, etc.

Adam: Hopefully, we’re still kicking ass and taking names!

Eric: Absolutely, and we will also drive to work in flying cars and eat entire meals in pill form.

What surprised you about this past year?

Adam: There have been a lot of surprises, so it’s hard to say which has been the biggest. It’s probably how big we’ve become in the market. We actually have a pretty strong presence and it can be a bit surprising considering how young and small we are. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise considering the energy, excitement, and intelligence that we have in here.

Eric: For me, it’s how quickly it happened. Seems like yesterday that Adam and I were arguing with Josh about whether we should have a vertical or horizontal navigation. (Josh finally won the argument by slapping the table and shouting “NO!”.) Turns out that the old parenting yarn is true – the days are long and the years are short.

Today’s Adam & Eric are transported to this date last year. What would you tell 1-year-younger Adam & Eric?

Adam: Since we are both new fathers I would tell us to get as much sleep as we can but also to relax a bit and enjoy the ride more.

Eric: “Ignore the crap. Get close to the customer and build the product that solves their problems.” Also, I would tell myself last year, “Don’t schedule the Christmas party in the midst of a massive product cycle.”

What are the best & worst parts of being a founder?

The Best

Adam: Best part is piecing together a phenomenal team watching them grow far beyond what you asked them to do what you thought they could do.

Eric: The team! The team! The team!

The Worst

Adam: The worst part is probably the lack of sleep and worry about whether your choices have been the smartest and best for the company & team.

Eric: The hair loss.

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