Every second we can shave off tasks repeated throughout the day gives community managers a little bit more of their scarcest resource: time. Our new feature, Hopper, makes consistent, automated publishing to your social properties easier and more efficient than ever. Find content you want to post, throw it in a hopper and Argyle will publish posts throughout the day according to rules you specify.

We asked Stacey, one of our talented developers, to give you a quick overview.

You call the shots

Hopper allows you to set multiple rules throughout the week, so you can fine-tune your social media posting schedule to maximize engagement. Do you have an office in Sydney and San Francisco? Durham, NC and Durham, England? Set multiple rules on your hopper so you publish seven posts from 9-5 in SF and another seven from 9-5 in Sydney. (If you would like to learn more about timing your social media posts, check out our infographic.)

Create multiple hoppers

Do you manage properties for multiple audiences and market segments? Create multiple hoppers that are tailored to your communities like never before. Think of them as buckets. If you post different content to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Hopper allows you to create multiple buckets. But don’t fret; hoppers still play by the same permission-based system you set up initially. That way, only authorized users can post to hoppers that have been approved by the administrator.

One-click bookmarklet

Curating amazing content is hard enough on its own and our one-click bookmarklet makes posting to your properties easier than ever. Use the bookmarklet to “send to Hopper” with one click and you’re done. It really is that simple.

Email alerts

Once your hopper has a nice long queue of posts, it functions as the well-oiled machine we designed it to be. If your hopper reaches the end of its list, it will send you an email letting you know that your hopper is empty. Think of it as the gas light in your car. Time to fill up.

Which tool, when?

The Hopper works great for some tasks whereas scheduled posts may be better for others. Learn how to choose the right social media tool for the job in our just-released white paper.

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