It seems no matter how robust and all-encompassing a social network may be, consumers consistently want more out of these networks and they want it now. Once people are hooked, they want social sites tailored exactly to their own experience.

The same thing is happening with Pinterest now that the initial wave of fame and has rolled in and users are more savvy than ever before in terms of their social networking needs. So far, Pinterest keeps growing at astronomical rates, relies on a personable and human customer service approach, and has allowed even B2B companies to think outside the box when it comes to their content marketing.

Pinterest has surged in popularity for a different reason than Facebook. It’s not connecting to people that matters to us while we’re using Pinterest. It’s the exact opposite – we’re connecting through things. Places we’ve been, places we want to go, things we want to buy, landscapes we want to see, tastes we want to experience – they’re all there.

The Huffington Post hit it right on the head when it said we’re flocking to Pinterest not because we’re sick of sharing; we’re simply sick of each other. In many ways, it’s the opposite of the the yearning for nostalgia we find in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. Rather than looking back and wondering, “What if?” we’re looking forward and yearning for a self-created fantasy.

People are becoming more vocal about which features they want on the visually-based virtual bulletin board. And in the fashion of “pinning” all of our wishes on one board, we’ve created our own Pinterest wish list, compiled from many other articles on the issue.

  1. RSS feeds for others’ boards: While we love following as many users as possible (though, it’s rumored there are undocumented caps on followers/following) it would be fantastic to be alerted of updates via RSS. A time saver that delivers the content I love to my inbox? Yes please!
  2. Better search functionality: Searching for a person’s name and then their Twitter handle will give you two completely separate search results. Streamline the search process so everyone’s beautiful boards are easy for all to find.
  3. Rearrange pins within a board: For personalized organization, it would be nice to have more freedom in dragging and dropping pinned items throughout your board in a way that makes most sense to you, the pinner.
  4. Ability to block competitors poaching your pins: Leave it to marketers to ruin a harmless, joyful sharing site that’s visually stunning and relaxing to peruse. If you’re a brand, it’s perfectly fine to showcase your talent, but please operate by the golden rule. It shouldn’t be Pinterest’s responsibility to referee the behaviors of aggressive marketers. Can’t we all play nice?

Do you have any changes you would like to see in Pinterest’s features? If so, let me know in the comments!

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