According to a leaked presentation, Facebook is set to rollout significant changes to the Facebook ad platform at its Facebook Marketing Conference next week.

The new ad formats will actually begin as organic content published to the Facebook Page. Instead of creating separate content for ads, marketers can simply choose to amplify their organic content according to specific targeting parameters. Interestingly, this model follows the exact same paradigm of Twitter’s Promoted Products.

Facebook is making some fairly aggressive claims about the new ad formats, including that they should lead to a 40 per cent increase in engagement. According to Facebook, the social proof behind the ads drives the performance. The formats have new functionality that reflect how one’s friends have previously interacted with the content, which presumably lowers the hurdle for interaction.

But what about EdgeRank? Will these new ads impact a user’s affinity with a brand, in essence allowing brands to buy higher placement within users’ streams?

This change reflects the importance of consistently publishing engaging, relevant content to your Page Wall. The already busy stream of content will only become more competitive as these new ads transform the relationship between consumers and companies.

It blurs the lines between curating and promoting. Facebook ads have historically been all about the call to action, while organic content has been more engagement focused. This will require marketers to completely rethink their Facebook content strategies.

Check out the full presentation below:

Facebook Premium Ads Overview

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