Whether you call them leaplings, leapers, or leap babies, they’re pretty hard to find – those elusive creatures born on February 29th. Our own Argyler, Claire, is one such lucky gal. For her big number 7, we met up and asked her four questions about her day of birth.

  1. What’s the best part about being a leap baby? It’s an instant ice-breaker when I first meet people. Also, it gives me a pretty amazing excuse to celebrate in an over-the-top kind of way every four years.

  2. What’s the best present you’ve ever received for your birthday? My last birthday, when I turned six, a bunch of my best friends and I went to Vegas! I’d tell you more… but you know the rules. Then, my dad came out when all my friends left, and we did our father-daughter thing, hiking and exploring, but best of all going skydiving! That’s right, they let a 50+ year-old and a six-year-old jump out of a plane. The whole week was worth not having another birthday until…. now!

  3. Does your birthday even appear on Facebook? How does that work? Facebook came to my college the spring of my Sophomore year, so it wasn’t until the following year when I was turning 21 (aka no bday) that I noticed that my birthday was listed as “upcoming”. But it wasn’t on February 28th or on March 1st in the “Today’s Birthdays” box. Needless to say, this was not going to fly. I emailed Facebook, and they were such a small operation back then that an actual person replied to my message that they hadn’t considered leap babies on non-leap years yet, and so would change the birthday box to include us in years to come! So, I can’t be completely sure that I was the one to change Facebook’s leap day policy…but I’m not going to stop saying it until they send me a cease and desist letter.

  4. You’ve done so much for a six year-old. What will you do now that you’re seven? Seven’s the big leagues. I’m going to learn how to write in cursive. I’m hoping to take the training wheels off my bike… really though, my birthday is a great marker in my life. When I turned four (16) in high school my girl friends and I went on a beach weekend. Five (20) was in college, and I went to my favorite cousin’s wedding and a sorority cocktail party. Six (24) was in Washington, DC and I took that infamous trip to Vegas. Now I’m seven (28) and I’m living in Raleigh, NC taking a surprise trip to ____ with my mom (she’s only told me to pack a swimsuit!). So, when I turn eight (32!!) a LOT could have changed in my life, so seven’s going to be a big year(s) for me! I’m determined to make it lucky number seven… and I’m seriously going to practice my cursive.

Do you know any leap babies or leaplings? If so, wish them Happy Birthday from the Argylers!

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