Social Pros Episode #8 goes live today. In this episode, Jay and I host Ian Greenleigh, Manager, Content and Social Strategy at BazaarVoice.

The Social Media Stat of the Week isn’t a single number, but instead the swirling data points that collectively make up Facebook Insights.

Over the past few months, Facebook has introduced the “People Talking About This” and “Engaged Users” metrics – which the market is still struggling to understand – and deprecated meaningful metrics like the aggregate number of daily comments and likes made per page and per post.

And all of this happened around the same time that Facebook released massive changes to its advertising platform that organic and paid social programs. Over the coming months, social media marketers will find themselves accountable for ad budgets and will quickly need to understand how the numbers shake out to justify campaigns and spend.

It seems like Facebook is asking for more of your advertising budget and simultaneously complicating the process by which you’ll measure the performance of said budget.

Jay authored a great post about Facebook that interprets the tea leaves in such a way that indicates a new “engagement-centric” Facebook that’s less about outcomes and more about a “touchy, feely” ethos.

In short, the myriad Facebook Insights have never been more important…and they’ve never been more confusing.

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