Wide-eyed and eager, 2012 graduates will soon be making their way out into the real world. These socially savvy digital natives have got a pep in their step, a drive to learn and loyalty to boot. Oh, and they are using online paths to connect to you, prospective future employer!

A new study by Experience and Achievers surveyed nearly 8,000 soon-to-be graduates. The students’ responses suggest that they are loyal, looking for steady salaries, and looking in all the right places. Among the highlights are:

  • 47.1% want to be with their company for 5-10+ years
  • 54% of the respondents said that the most important qualifier is career advancement opportunities
  • 51% (tied for the second most important) said they are looking for interesting, challenging work
  • 40% of students are expecting a salary between $50,000-$74,999

As a business, it’s increasingly important to be online for your recruiting purposes as nearly half of the students plan on using social media to aid in the job search, according to Achievers.

At Argyle, we are a rapidly growing company and have made many new hires in the past year. Case in point, I learned of my current job with Argyle through Twitter. Just like the 87.6% of upcoming graduates plan to do, I reached out and applied directly.

So, how can you use social media as a recruiting tool?

  1. Showcase your organization’s personality and company values: Be true to yourselves first and foremost, but have a little fun by sharing interesting or funny articles and give an inside look at your culture on Pinterest. Having values isn’t enough; it’s how you live them daily and how you share them with the world that matters.
  2. Social media is social: Encourage prospective employees to reach out and then find ways to continue the conversation. Ensure you have the workflow and communication plans in place to handle incoming interest.
  3. Be clear. Be direct: Be transparent and make it known you are recruiting!

How do you use social media in the recruiting process? Have you hired anyone you have met through social media?

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Full Infographic by Achievers Inc and Experience.com:

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