Social Pros #11 goes live today, featuring the always enjoyable Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Social Media Director at Hilton Worldwide.

The Social Media Stat of the Week comes courtesy of customer feedback management firm CFI Group, which conducts an annual Call Center Satisfaction Index.

The full-report is $500 and I’m a cheapskate, so we don’t have all of the details. But the press release headlines definitely warrant discussion:

  • Shift to self-service: “In 2011, 27% of respondents had tried to resolve their issues elsewhere prior to resorting to working with the call center. The primary alternate channel was the web.”
  • Post support experience socializaing: “What we are seeing is that, if you have a bad experience, you post it once on Facebook for all to see and then you’re done with it,” stated Terry Redding, director of development and delivery for CFI Group. “By the same token, we are seeing good experiences posted in the same way.”
  • Volume drowns out the bad: “While a bad experience may increase the odds that someone will tell others, the sheer number of positive experiences and positive posts seems to be outweighing the negative word-of-mouth in volume.”

Somewhat related case-in-point: my Twitter audience has complained about every airline equally such that their complaints no longer register – let alone resonate. And the number of positive experiences – like in-flight wifi, first-class upgrades, etc. – nets out the complaints.

Social makes everything more transparent – the good and the bad. Should your community goal be to manufacture enough good to cover up the inevitable bad?

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