Our goal at Argyle is to make your social media marketing as seamless and powerful as possible, and with these three new updates, we’re doing just that.

New and Improved Post Report—Now with Facebook Insights!

Data-driven marketers are gleaning information from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and their trusty Argyle Social reports. We’ve cut out one more step for you by pulling Facebook Insights into Argyle. Now, you can see the reach, viral impressions, people talking about this, as well as like and comments per post. Check out the screen shots below to see the beautiful rendering of Insights data in a clean, pretty Argyle fashion.

Want to know what posts are generating the most buzz on Twitter? The new post report also will help you there, too. It shows interaction metrics for all Twitter posts so you can easily see what posts generated the most conversation. It also presents that conversation history to you in-line so that you can see exactly what responses a particular post generated.

Track Your Social Shares

Social media marketers are forever chasing the answer to the eternal question “How is social moving the needle for my business?”. Argyle Social now helps you answer that question even better with our new social shares feature.

There are two primary types of social activity: things you post, and things other people post about you. Argyle has always done a great job tracking the performance and the impact of things you post. But we’re now also tracking things that other people post about you via the share buttons on your website and blog.

This will give marketers a more holistic view of the value that social media is creating. Every link shared via an Argyle share button will track a share count, as well as the number of clicks and conversions that these shares have generated.

Do you know how much value your advocates are creating for you?

Google+ Integration

In your engage tab, along with keeping up with all the latest conversations about your brand, search terms, and competitors, you can now import the news feed from Google Plus pages. Whether you’re a full G+ convert, slowly trying it out, or just getting started, this new integration will make sure you’re keeping up with chatter on G+.

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