A quick look around and you will see Twitter spilling over into all types of media. In a new report, Tom Webster of Edison Research revealed that nearly 44% of US American adults see tweets on a daily basis. Yes, daily. These are people who may not necessarily be using Twitter, yet they are still being influenced by the messages.

Social media is going mainstream

The juicy new details show that “80% of Americans overall claim to have seen tweets in other media.” Anywhere you look, tweets are springing into the latest live TV spectacle, are quoted in newspaper articles and are seen in prominently displayed billboards.

If trends continue, 1.43 billion people will be on social networks by the end of the year. You can expect social media and traditional media outlets will continue to blend and tweets to proliferate through an ever broadening audience.

Tweets are newsworthy

You never know when a tweet or post will take off, but you can craft messages to have a greater chance of being read and shared. A recent Carnegie Mellon University survey reports that the best types of tweets are:

  • Random Thoughts
  • Self-Promotion
  • Questions to Followers
  • Information Sharing

Interestingly, the top three best types of tweets revolve around the personal side of a brand.

What do you think? Will tweets continue to enter mainstream media? What have you seen to be your best types of tweets?

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