September 25, 2012

Grammar, Spelling and Twitter (Oh My!)

When I was in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC Chapel Hill, spelling and grammar played such an important role in everything we wrote and published, that in many classes, turning in a single error resulted in no credit whatsoever. Now, as someone who scours social media …

February 28, 2012

Facebook’s Leapling Case No.1: Claire

Whether you call them leaplings, leapers, or leap babies, they’re pretty hard to find – those elusive creatures born on February 29th. Our own Argyler, Claire, is one such lucky gal. For her big number 7, we met up and asked her four questions about her day of birth. What’s …

December 16, 2011

On Turning Two

Yesterday marked Argyle’s 2nd birthday and before our celebration, I asked our Founders, Adam and Eric, to reflect on the past year. How is Argyle different at year 2 as compared to year 1? Eric: There are a thousand differences. The contrast between our 1st and 2nd birthday reflects a …

October 5, 2011

Hungry for Fall

Burgers, fried pickles, and boiled peanuts can only mean one thing – we’ve reached the end of another quarter. Cheers from Downtown Durham’s Bull City Burgers from the rabid wolverines!

August 24, 2011

Props To NC IDEA

Several of our start-up friends in Raleigh/Durham NC conspired to make today “NC IDEA and IDEA Fund Partners Appreciation Day”. Both organizations have played a key roles in the Argyle Social story to date, so we’re very happy to join the chorus. Argyle is one of a handful of companies …

March 18, 2011

Danny Wins Triangle Start-Up Ping Pong Tournament

Today is a proud day for Argyle – our very own Danny Olinsky won the 2nd Annual Triangle Ping Pong Tournament. Our friends at Statsheet and Netsertive hosted the event. 30+ people played in the tournament representing several start-up companies in the area, plus a few local investors. Lots of …

November 22, 2010

Jim Tobin @ Argyle

Argyle hosted social media luminary Jim Tobin for lunch this afternoon in the first meeting of our (now) ongoing “Thinking Lunch” series.  (“Thinking Lunch” instead of “Working Lunch”…and until someone can come up with a better name.)  In addition to literally writing the book on social media, Jim is the …

March 10, 2010

$2 Tacos At Mez

Team outing at Mez in RTP for $2 taco Happy Hour.  Adam and Mike enjoying the spread with Josh just outside of the frame.  (And Eric taking the picture.)  

March 3, 2010

Nathan Gilliatt Knows Listening

I spent an hour with Nathan Gilliat this morning and learned a TON about the “listening” portion of the social media marketing software industry – key players, how they work, and how they’re different.  Plus some interesting thoughts about how use cases vary by company/industry. If you’re looking into a …

February 26, 2010

Triangle Social Media Club & Phonebooth

I dropped in on the Triangle Social Media Club‘s February meeting at  Good crew of people and good (free!) beer from Lonerider Brewing Company. Besides the new faces and the Argyle Social elevator pitches, my favorite part of the event was hearing about Phonebooth – a new small business …