919 Marketing

919 Marketing

919 Marketing uses Argyle Social to A/B test social content so they can drive revenue for their clients.

"We needed to provide our clients with a tool that quickly and easily proved the value of their social media efforts. Argyle shows the impact on the bottom line in an easy-to-read and clean way."

Ashlie Lanning, Senior Catalyst See how Argyle can help you


919 Marketing needed a tool that could report their clients' social media ROI in a concise and tangible way.  They also needed to roll out a national campaign for a franchise with over 180 offices. "We couldn't find another tool as robust as Argyle Social, since we needed to coordinate a campaign across many offices," said Ashlie Lanning, Senior Catalyst.

Strategy & Execution

Using Argyle Social, 919 Marketing could assign goals to each of the 180 offices and see how campaigns were performing. "By having a single dashboard that can aggregate the data across offices, we're able to see which content is sticky and then replicate its success elsewhere." By doing this, 919 Marketing has demonstrated to their clients that social media can be a powerful driver of sales leads.


"C-level executives don't want to see a lot of details.  They care about the effect of social media on the bottom line and Argyle shows that in a neat and clean way," said Ashlie. "Argyle Social has become a mandatory element to all of our social media efforts.  With Argyle, we can show our clients tangible results from their social media investment."