Cross Timbers Community Church

Cross Timbers Community Church

As a multi-campus church, Cross Timbers uses Argyle to manage its social media workflow and tailor messages to specific audiences.

"For us, analytics is the single most important thing. It's great to be able to post everything in one place, but what's really important to us is being able to see who on our staff posted something, what the response time was, and how our content resonates with our community. "

Caleb Kuykendall, Marketing Director See how Argyle can help you


Cross Timbers Church is one church with three different locations. "Since we're multi-site and folks are drawn to their specific campus, we had to make sure our content resonated with each community," said Caleb Kuykendall. Cross Timbers had an army of volunteers ready to put in time, but no way for them to coordinate their efforts.

Strategy & Execution

Argyle's collaboration tools allowed Cross Timbers' users to have controlled access to the relevant social properties. "Now we have individuals at each campus who we've turned into brand ambassadors," said Caleb. And, better still, the church is able to manage and monitor all efforts from one dashboard. "There are other tools where you can post, but being able to see who posted what when, and how popular it was with our community - that's the homerun for us."


Cross Timbers is now capable of managing all ministries within the church through a common set of campaigns. "We're using campaigns really heavily, and all of the data we need is right at our fingertips," said Caleb. "Argyle provides solutions to make what could be a very complicated web of properties and locations extremely easy to manage."