In the face of the chaos that social can create, GlobalGiving needed a way to organize their social presence and prove results. Argyle Teams and Reports gave GlobalGiving some of the tools they needed to do just that.

"Argyle not only helps me see which social channels are driving more qualified traffic to the website, but also helps me understand how. Using Argyle’s web analytics integration, I can see that social visitors to our site stay longer, have a lower bounce rate, and more. Those are the social media metrics that matter most to us."

-Alison Carlman, Unmarketing Manager See how Argyle can help you


GlobalGiving is an online platform that connects prospective donors to worthy non-profits and has helped those non-profits raise millions of dollars in donations. They needed a “collaborative tool that the entire team could use” for social media publishing and engagement. Real-time reporting and performance metrics were also incredibly important, “to not just look back at campaign performance, but manage in real-time,” said Carlman.

Strategy & Execution

The GlobalGiving team uses Argyle for team workflow, coordinating outbound content production and inbound engagement. Carlman also continually monitors real-time social performance with Argyle reports. “Real time click and interaction numbers are critical for us to know what content is working,” says Carlman. And Argyle’s Google Analytics integration adds more accurate social traffic and campaign data to GlobalGiving’s web analytics reports, saving the team precious time, effort and “headaches.”


“Argyle changed the way I work with my team: it saves me time and has removed chaos from the system,” Carlman said. And by leveraging Argyle data in Google Analytics, Alison can prove, “that visitors that have come to us via social media spend longer on our site, have a lower bounce rate, etc… Argyle helps me see and understand how social channels are driving more qualified traffic to the website. Those are the social media metrics that matter most to us.”