Grasshopper uses Argyle Social to respond to 100% of the comments coming in and stay on top of their social interactions.

"I’m obsessed with Argyle’s publishing Hopper and Bookmarklet. And they are beyond helpful; I can’t even consider looking at another tool because of them."

- Allison Canty, Social Media and Community Manager See how Argyle can help you


As the social media and community manager for Grasshopper, a B2B virtual phone system, Allison Canty has the huge job of not only using social media to market to potential customers, but also to provide front-line social support their thousands of customers.

Allison needed a day-to-day tool with simple and fast publishing capabilities, customizable campaigns and easy-to-understand analytics.

Strategy & Execution

Last year, Grasshopper relied on Argyle to prevent a social media crisis.

Alison explained that, “We were just flooded on Twitter and Facebook, we were responding 24/7. By having Argyle’s Inbox, we were able to make sure we responded to each and every single person. We were able to quickly and efficiently update customers frequently, and track whom we were talking to. Because we had Argyle Social, we were completely there.”

Alison relied heavily on Argyle’s engagement tools to catch important customer tweets that did not have directly reference Grasshopper.  Luckily Argyle made it easy for Allison to delineate the relevant tweets from the insect-related tweets!

Alison also uses Argyle to monitor competitors and specifically, their customer care accounts, because, “customer service is a place we try to excel. I love that with Argyle I can quickly monitor and scroll through notifications.”


In addition to saving valuable customers during the crisis by her team's 100% response rate, Alison saves valuable time each day by queueing up Argyle Hopper every morning.  The time she saves gives her more time to reflect on the data and reports in her Argyle account.

“I drill down a lot more into content performance because Argyle campaigns make it so easy to understand what resonated with our community. The graphs are crucial for me to see how I’m doing.”