Media Two

Media Two

Media Two uses Argyle to roll out national campaigns for clients with hundreds of Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"I wouldn’t run a social media marketing campaign without Argyle Social these days. If we have a new client and they are going to do social, they are going to use Argyle."

Morgan Siem, VP of Social Media See how Argyle can help you


Media Two was using a wide variety of tools to publish, track, and measure its social media efforts. Creating results-oriented social media marketing campaigns was extremely time-consuming and involved too many spreadsheets. Media Two needed a solution that would organize its clients' campaigns and track and measure the results.

Strategy & Execution

To roll out a nationwide campaign, Media Two used Argyle to publish daily deals across 150 Twitter accounts and 150 Facebook accounts. "Not many tools would allow us to efficiently manage such a high volume of accounts," said Morgan Siem. "Argyle has changed what we're able to do. Maybe we could have done these things before, but they were prohibitively time consuming so now we find ourselves doing the things we should have been doing all along."


The national campaign rolled out without a fuss.  It was a huge win for both Media Two and its client.  And while some of its campaigns focus on engagement metrics, Media Two mostly focuses on tracking leads and conversions, an area where Argyle's Google Analytics integration and conversion tracking really shine.