ShareFile uses Argyle Social to report on revenue and monthly marketing performance.

"Using Argyle Social, we’ve seen our social media ROI increase by 630%. It lets us pinpoint what strategies are driving bottom line results and make incremental improvements every day."

Dan London, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing See how Argyle can help you


ShareFile is a data-driven organization that reports performance on all marketing campaigns monthly. They needed a tool that could help them measure social media in the same way. "When I present our monthly marketing performance numbers, I report on revenue. It doesn’t matter whether I’m talking about Adwords, affiliate, or email—all digital marketing campaigns at ShareFile are associated with a revenue number," said Dan London. "Social media is no different, and that’s why we use Argyle Social."

Strategy & Execution

The ShareFile team uses Argyle to track revenue generated by social campaign and optimizes its content strategy accordingly. "We're able to see what content is resonating with our audience and adjust as we go," said Dan. "I haven't seen any other tools that track all the way down to conversion per post."


Using Argyle Social, ShareFile saw a 630% increase in social media ROI by pinpointing tactics that worked and tracking them all the way to conversion.  "Tons of tools track fans, influence, and sentiment, but Argyle is the only tool focused on what really matters: ROI."