By posting consistent and relevant content 24 hours a day, Shoeboxed grew its fan base on Facebook and Twitter by 225%. That fan base continues to bring new users their way.

"Because of Argyle, I can tell exactly how many users our social media channels have sent us. I can see the value of our social media in dollars. That simply would not be possible without Argyle. It's a powerful tool."

Jake Brereton, Marketing Manager See how Argyle can help you


As a rapidly growing company, Shoeboxed wanted its online presence to mirror its astronomical growth. They needed to find and share relevant content with their target market, but couldn't spend all day doing it.

Strategy & Execution

Shoeboxed now uses Argyle to schedule and publish a robust content calendar through social channels. "In one hour in the morning, I can schedule the next 24 hours of tweets and posts," said Marketing Manager, Jake Brereton. "It gives us constant and consistent presence on Twitter and that presence drives more users our way."


Shoeboxed's online audience on Facebook and Twitter has increased by 225%. "Our social strategy has had amazing effects and we simply wouldn't see these numbers, both in engagement and social conversions, without Argyle."