University of North Carolina Office of Development

University of North Carolina Office of Development

UNC's Office of Development needed an efficient way to manage and streamline shared content creation.

"Our team is very large and each person has many responsibilities beyond social media management. Argyle makes our social media efforts as efficient as possible."

Rebecca Bramlet, Interim Director See how Argyle can help you


As a large and diverse team, UNC's Office of Development needed a solution that would allow them to share the responsibilities of content creation. But with a large team, sharing the responsibility meant many passwords, logins, and wasted time. Gathering data from various disparate sources meant that social media reports were non-standardized and took considerable time to compile. UNC needed a more integrated and robust solution.

Strategy & Execution

Arygle Social’s permission and workflow tools allowed UNC’s team to collaborate on content in an efficient way. “It’s very important that we have a diversity of opinions across our content. We don’t silo our social media efforts just under a marketing umbrella,” said Rebecca Bramlet, Interim Director. “We needed to make social media management easy and efficient.”


By using Argyle Social, the social media team was able to decrease time spent on posting and measurement by 75% while increasing the quality of content and reporting. "We’re more prolific than ever before,” said Bramlet. UNC is now able to engage current and future students and donors, as well as alumni. "We are growing our social media presence considerably and we know Argyle grows with our needs."