Uservoice knew that happy customers buy more, they just needed the numbers to back it up. Enter, Argyle.

"Through Argyle we have real actionable data — 31% of our total social conversions come from posts of us having fun around the office. This gives real numbers showing how our ‘Happy Campaign’, solely focused on making people happy, has lead to more customers paying us more money."

-Evan Hamilton, Head of Community at UserVoice See how Argyle can help you


A B2B software company that provides feedback and help desk software, Uservoice needed social media software with an easy, intuitive interface and features that would keep up with its ever-evolving social needs. Under the hood, they needed a solution that “separated signal from noise,” and proved the value of different content to appropriately allocate time and resources.

Strategy & Execution

“I was really won over by the cleanliness of the interface,” Evan said about Argyle. Argyle’s new content calendar was, “surprisingly easy to learn.” Evan uses Argyles data for monthly reporting that looks at what content Uservoice is publishing, is succeeding, and in which ways.  Evan tracks the success of each new feature release through Argyle campaigns, and uses Argyle's data on clicks, engagements and what content converts the most to determine what strategies and features are successful, to make each software update more and more successful.


“It's pretty powerful to have the Argyle campaign data that shows the way we released and built our most recent feature lead to the most signups, clicks and conversions of any release.” said Hamilton.  “If I were just using a URL shortener or Google Analytics, we would only see clicks - that's just noise, that's not useful.”

Using Argyle, Uservoice tested strategies for their customers like a campaign of fun photos of the Uservoice team around the office, and the results have been phenomenal. “Through Argyle, we have real data to show that this campaign, solely focused on making people happy, contributed to people paying us more money."

Evan also added that higher conversions are just "an extra benefit" to serving Uservoice's overall focus of helping their customers strengthen customer connections.