When Lulu brought on a new Social Media Manager, she insisted on using Argyle Social, and now she has the data to prove social media's part of the ROI pie.

"If you want to track revenue generated from social media, then you need Argyle Social. I wouldn’t run a social media campaign without it."

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In the face of the chaos that social can create, GlobalGiving needed a way to organize their social presence and prove results. Argyle Teams and Reports gave GlobalGiving some of the tools they needed to do just that.

"Argyle not only helps me see which social channels are driving more qualified traffic to the website, but also helps me understand how. Using Argyle’s web analytics integration, I can see that social visitors to our site stay longer, have a lower bounce rate, and more. Those are the social media metrics that matter most to us."

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Reporting just number of 'Likes,' 'ReTweets,' and social media anecdotes wasn't good enough for Yammer. Now Yammer uses Argyle for actionable analysis of social strategies, taking the guesswork out of social.

"Before Argyle, we had an idea what posts were more effective, but it was all guesswork. Now, I can show that, for example, 10% of our blog traffic is driven through social media."

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HOPE International

Great at putting funds in the hands of those in need, HOPE International needed to inspire new donors by sharing their impact. Argyle gave them the tools to share their mission with the world.

"Argyle Social makes it easy for us to share great content and reach more people. And when we reach more people locally, we impact more people globally."

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Uservoice knew that happy customers buy more, they just needed the numbers to back it up. Enter, Argyle.

"Through Argyle we have real actionable data — 31% of our total social conversions come from posts of us having fun around the office. This gives real numbers showing how our ‘Happy Campaign’, solely focused on making people happy, has lead to more customers paying us more money."

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Grasshopper uses Argyle Social to respond to 100% of the comments coming in and stay on top of their social interactions.

"I’m obsessed with Argyle’s publishing Hopper and Bookmarklet. And they are beyond helpful; I can’t even consider looking at another tool because of them."

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Cross Timbers Community Church

As a multi-campus church, Cross Timbers uses Argyle to manage its social media workflow and tailor messages to specific audiences.

"For us, analytics is the single most important thing. It's great to be able to post everything in one place, but what's really important to us is being able to see who on our staff posted something, what the response time was, and how our content resonates with our community. "

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919 Marketing

919 Marketing uses Argyle Social to A/B test social content so they can drive revenue for their clients.

"We needed to provide our clients with a tool that quickly and easily proved the value of their social media efforts. Argyle shows the impact on the bottom line in an easy-to-read and clean way."

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University of North Carolina Office of Development

UNC's Office of Development needed an efficient way to manage and streamline shared content creation.

"Our team is very large and each person has many responsibilities beyond social media management. Argyle makes our social media efforts as efficient as possible."

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By posting consistent and relevant content 24 hours a day, Shoeboxed grew its fan base on Facebook and Twitter by 225%. That fan base continues to bring new users their way.

"Because of Argyle, I can tell exactly how many users our social media channels have sent us. I can see the value of our social media in dollars. That simply would not be possible without Argyle. It's a powerful tool."

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WhatCounts uses Argyle Social to tie revenue to specific posts on their social properties and tune content accordingly.

"After using Argyle for six months, we are generating hundreds of new leads and several new sales every month from our social media marketing efforts. There is simply no other tool on the market that will help you measure that."

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TiqIQ needed a business-class tool to streamline publishing and measurement. Argyle delivered.

"We use Argyle Social to manage hundreds of social properties for our network of publishers. With it, we grew our engagement and conversions by 700% over three months."

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Media Two

Media Two uses Argyle to roll out national campaigns for clients with hundreds of Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"I wouldn’t run a social media marketing campaign without Argyle Social these days. If we have a new client and they are going to do social, they are going to use Argyle."

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ShareFile uses Argyle Social to report on revenue and monthly marketing performance.

"Using Argyle Social, we’ve seen our social media ROI increase by 630%. It lets us pinpoint what strategies are driving bottom line results and make incremental improvements every day."

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