Introducing Argyle Contacts

Customer relationships are the underlying driver for all of your social marketing efforts. Yet no social products effectively connect the dots between social relationships and customer relationships… until today.

We built Argyle Contacts to help Community Managers and social professionals build stronger customer relationships that drive revenue and retention.

Manage Your Social Contacts

Argyle automatically populates the new Contacts tab with people you interact with on Twitter. Every social action in Argyle enriches your contact database — new followers and mentions automatically create new contact records. All of your social interactions thread together to provide a full conversation history with each contact.

Know Your Audience

The individual contact card provides a comprehensive overview of your relationship and social interactions. You can augment social history and data with additional information. Write notes to provide additional context to your contacts. Add email address, phone, and other personal information to round out a profile. Look out for exciting integrations in the near future that will augment your social contact with data from your core CRM!

Use Tags To Build Context & Workflow

Context matters in social. Did that last tweet come from a high value customer? A valuable prospect that is in the final stages of the sales process? A customer that has an outstanding high priority ticket? Not knowing could be the difference between a win or a loss, a happy customer or a lost customer.

We integrated tags into Contacts to solve this problem. Use tags to organize your contacts into strategic groups. Tag your largest customers to make sure that you’re keeping tabs on them. Tag strategic influencers and target them with personalized content on a regular basis. Work with your sales team to tag key prospects to ensure that you’re engaging them as they advance through the sales process.