Measure Your Social ROI

Social media marketing used to operate on hype and buzzwords. No longer. Social media marketers are now being held accountable to financial metrics just like the rest of their digital marketing comrades. So stop measuring fan count and sentiment and start tracking ROI. Measuring your social ROI requires specialized technology for revenue attribution. Fortunately, we can help with that.

Attribution Matters

Traditional web analytics tools use last-touch attribution — whatever marketing source touched the customer before they convert gets credit for 100% of the conversion. Last touch doesn’t work in social media marketing. Social media is used to generate interest and fill the top of the funnel, not to push prospects over the buying hump. If you use a standard web analytics tool to measure your social media marketing ROI, you are significantly under-reporting the impact social is having on your business. To learn more about attribution challenges in social media marketing, read our white paper.

Track E-Commerce Transactions

If you sell products directly on your website, Argyle can track the ROI of your social media efforts down to the price of the individual items purchased. Do certain social campaigns drive high volume but low value sales? Maybe one particular type of content is particularly effective at converting a few high-dollar sales. We’ll tell you exactly what transactions you’re driving and where they’re coming from.

Track Micro-Conversions

For the rest of the world, online conversions are non-monetary events. White paper downloads, demo video views, visits to a pricing page, event signups — if it happens online, we can track its relationship with your social media marketing. You’ll be surprised at how much activity on your site is actually related to social.